Sibling Sexual Abuse


Sexual abuse occurs when a person sexually imposes themselves on the opposing gender. Siblings, on the other hand, are children born into the same household and raised together. A relationship between siblings, whether sisters, brothers, or brothers and sisters, is considered one of the purest forms of relationships. However, sibling sexual abuse is widespread.

Sibling sexual abuse, often known as incest, occurs when one sibling abuses the other, resulting in an abuse of power. A more powerful sibling typically charms or pressures a weaker sibling into a sexual engagement. And because they live under the same roof, they are expected to follow through on what they say under tension and fear.

Sibling sexual abuse may appear to be uncommon, yet it is also not unheard of. Parents can inadvertently contribute to sibling sexual abuse, albeit indirectly. A sibling is most prominent when an elder sibling, regardless of gender, abuses the elder sibling simply because they have the task of caring for the younger ones.

As a result, parents must teach their children that having responsibility does not imply that they may do whatever they want and abuse it. Furthermore, parents who expose sexual content where children can see it danger their children imitating adult sexual behaviour. Hence, as a parent, you must be extremely cautious about what you do and use in front of your children.