December 2002
    Sasian will finish the year 2002 with over 125,000 page views. This averages out to almost 10,500 pages per month. Bibliographies, Parents Guides and legal sections seem to get the most hits.

    The site redesign continues. The emphasis has been on ease of use and navigation with a pleasing uniform design.

November 2002
    Sasian is down for several days. The long and the short of it is that Sasian's website was deleted because of non-payment. We loaded a backup of the site onto a friends machine and began serving from there as a temporary stopgap. Then we began looking for a new hosting provider.  

    Most, if not all, so called "free" services are unsuitable for our unique needs. They either have pop-ups, pop-unders or banner ads that are inappropriate. In addition Sasian will end 2002 with about 115,000 page views. Free hosts generally have limits for bandwidth and/or pages served. Pay hosts that meet our requirements are simply too expensive. Sasian has always been a shoestring operation with expenses being paid, for the most part, by friends. The site while it receives lots of traffic has never generated more than a few dollars through the use of Amazon or other affiliate programs.

    We have been working on a site redesign for several months and hope to launch it soon. Until then we will host the site but there may be periods of unavailability or other reliability issues. We appreciate your forbearance during this transition.

October 2002
    Sasian has managed to build or find PDFs of most of the guides that VISAC produced. They are posted in the download section. We have had to discontinue the mailing of paper Guides. The cost has become to much with copying and postage costs. You can download and print them for reference or to distribute.

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