Report On-Line Child Pornography / Solicitation of Children

Report On-Line Child Pornography / Solicitation of Children

    Sasian originally posted this page to give visitors a way to report cp/sc, however 'chip theft' and 'telemarketing scams' have taken a front seat to child pornography. Sasian understands that, in some minds, 'dollars' take precedence over children.

    Contact your local legislature, not your local police. 

    Sasian will continue to report 'Safe Sites' (those at which you may report cp/sc) 

United States & Canada

This site is now used to report Senior Citizen Telemarketing Scams... go figure.
U.S. Customs Child Pornography
Enforcement Program
Enforcement Program
Phone: 1-800-BE-ALERT

Austin, TX Police Department - "Law enforcement focuses on issues such as computer chip theft, computer hacking, fraud, theft of intellectual property, robbery and burglaries of high tech companies."
High Tech Crime Unit
Phone: 512-458-0401

CyberSnitch has been developed for the public,
to help aid law enforcement with high tech crime,
including on-line child pornography.

Federal Bureau of Investigation - United States

Sacramento County (CA) Police Agencies
Hi-Tech Crime Task Force

Roseville, CA Police Department
High Technology Crime Investigation Service
Phone: 916-264-9005 or 916-774-5101

San Jose, CA Police Department
High Technology Crimes Detail

National CyberTipline
Phone: 1-800-843-5678

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Report Anonymously
U.S. or Canadian sites

U.S. State and Territory Attorneys General

Outside U.S. & Canada

Crime Stoppers On-Line
Phone: 1800 333000

Child Porn Contact Point

Computer Crime Unit

German Police
E-mail addresses:

German Reporting Site

Hong Kong:
Child Protection Policy Unit


Matsue Police Station

New Zealand

National Bureau of Crime Investigation


Scotland Yard Crime Stoppers
Phone: 0800 555 111

London Metropolitan Police Service

South Africa:
Johannesburg Child Protection Unit

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