Books for Adult Male Survivors

The Sexual Healing Journey - Wendy Maltz
Examines the harmful effects of sexual abuse on sexual development and behavior and offers its adult victims a program to rebuild their sexual identity and help them enjoy healthy sexual relationships.

Victims No Longer : Men Recovering from Incest and Other Sexual Child Abuse
Mike Lew & Ellen Bass
For the millions of men who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse and for all those who wish to help them, this work offers new hope, understanding, and essential advice.

Broken Boys/Mending Men : Recovery from Childhood Sexual Abuse
Stephen D. Gruban-Black
One out of six males is sexually abused as a child, yet these crimes continue to be underreported and misunderstood. Stereotypes about men and masculinity actually engender sexual victimization and prevent society from protecting male children against this crime. Counselor and survivor of childhood abuse, Grubman-Black tells how the healing process can begin. HC: McGraw-Hill.

The Courage to Heal Workbook : For Women and Men Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse
Laura Davis
As a step-by-step guide through the healing process, this workbook will touch a deep nerve and provide the same directional support as its companion bestseller Courage to Heal. The workbook is a combination of checklists, open-ended questions, writing exercises, art projects, and activities.