Books from different sources to read with or to your children. Links are to pages which give detailed descriptions, ordering information, etc.

Brave Bart - A Story For Grieving & Traumatized Children

Brave Bart - A Story For Grieving & Traumatized Children - Caroline Sheppard

A Safe Place (ages 4 - 8 )

A Safe Place - by Maxine Trottier, Judith Friedman (Illustrator) (4-8)

Magination Press - Special books for children's special concerns-

Ignatius Finds Help - US $8.95 - UK 9.95
A Story About Psychotherapy for Children (ages 4-8)
Matthew Galvin MD
Illustrated by Sandra Ferraro
"Ignatius will help children become more comfortable with both the idea and the process of therapy"

I'll Know What to Do - US $9.95 - UK 5.84
A Kid's Guide to Natural Disasters (ages 8-13)
Bonnie S. Mark, PhD
Aviva Layton
Illustrated by Michael Chesworth
"While there are many books for children that explain natural disasters, 'I’ll Know What to Do' is the first to help children understand and cope with their feelings about—and reactions to—these frightening events."

Uncle Willy's Tickles - US $11.95 - UK 7.02
(ages 4-8)
Marcie Aboff
Illustrated by Kate Gartner

"This is a story about a child’s right to his/her own physical boundaries, told in an entertaining way that is both appealing to, and easily understandable by, children. ...While not specifically about sexual advances, this book is certainly applicable in those instances."

Night Light - A Story for Children Afraid of the Dark  - US $11.95 - UK 7.02
(ages 3-7)
Jack Dutro, PhD
Illustrated by Kenneth Boyle

I Can't Talk About It : A Child's Book About Sexual Abuse
Graci Evans(Illustrator), Doris E. Sanford

Synopsis - There is no place so potentially violent as home. It is sometimes a place of special betrayal because the child's guard is down. If you are abusing a child, please accept help.